I use powerful yet simple brain-changing tools to help creatives, artists, and visionaries unstick physical and emotional pain, freeing them to live joyfully and share their art with the world.

Live your life’s vision. Heal your past and share your creativity with the world.

All you want is to feel good in your body again, tell your inner critic to shut up, and stop pushing through when you don’t feel good. You want life to be easier, your body to feel good, and you want to share something that makes life feel personal and meaningful.  I understand because I've been there too. 

Are you sick of chronic body pain? Able to eat only five foods? Criticizing yourself harshly every time you pick up a paintbrush or sing a tune?

Hey! I'm Linda

• Feeling like your own self again fast. Release unhealed stingers from your past so your subconscious mind can focus..

• Move toward success. Undo limiting beliefs and negative mantras. Establish a daily routine to reduce stress.

• Unravel pain, trauma, anxiety, or depression. Clear how your mind and body have encoded trauma.


I will help you change and heal yourself. You can then continue to apply these tools in your own way after our work is complete.

- Rebecca Robbins--Chemist

Her approach was thoughtful and intelligent. I could sense the dedication and purposefulness of the work during the session.

"Linda was gentle and productive."

- Camille Hamilton--Glass artist 

The work we did allowed me to understand the pain as layers of patterns...by shifting those old memories the patterns changed. This has been totally liberating.

"It feels exhilarating to be living the vision I've held for so long."

Using symbolism and timeline therapy, we communicate with your subconscious mind to effect deep change. Get one Mindscape bonus when you buy a three or six session package. Get two Mindscape bonus sessions when you buy a ten session package.

Mindscape Sessions:

We chat to discover the structure of how you create your problem. Once I see the structure, we pivot to healing right away. You heal better, faster, and easier because we’ve focused our work appropriately. I offer three, six, and ten session packages.

Two-Hour Changework Sessions:

30 minutes for you to tell me what you want to work on, then 30 minutes of actual changework on something mild that’s been bugging you for the last month or two. (We’re not going to work on the worst problem in your life. That comes later.)

Free One-Hour Discovery Session:

that Works

Integrative Well-being Coaching

• How to spend five minutes with yourself twice a day to focus on what you’re grateful for and what’s going right with your life.

• How to ground your mind and heart in the reality that good things are happening every day in your world.

• How to keep your practice long term by continuing to look for the good things - the more you do this, the more you will see things to be grateful for!

Start Right now! Begin your healing journey by creating an easy, 5 minute daily gratitude practice.

Free Gift

Learn how to spend five minutes with yourself twice a day to focus on what you’re grateful for and what’s going right with your life.